Mistress Jordan’s Butt Fuck Bobbi

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Should have done your chores Bobbi!


It has been quite some time now that I have been having to double-check my Slut Bucket Bobbi’s work!  I have more than exercised patience, fairness and understanding for Bobbi’s efforts, close but no cigar.  The biggest mistake my wretched slave has made is getting too comfy with his half- assed efforts of  praise and worship.  The privlege of being allowed into my inner circle will not be taken for granted.  It’s a shame you have to learn this simple fact the hard way.  Once again my Mean Mistress alter ego must surface to put a light-weight, menial, confused slut in their place.  I have left little Bobbi an invitation to meet me in the basement promptly tomorrow night; if he only knew ~smiling~.


Nice to know that you still know how to be on time Bobbi!  Yes, you!  Don’t let the red walls and dim lights give you the jitters.  Oh, by the way ; don’t be alarmed by the Fucking Table either. ~Silence ~. After all, you’ve done nothing wrong, correct?  Iv’e decided that since you have issues with your chores and such that you would be more inclined to excel at entertainment purposes. Now, lets get you ready for your new role in life.


Stainless steel is quite chilly, isn’t it Bobbie? ~Smirking as Bobbi mounts the table trembling~.  Bobbi says ” Mistress Jordan, it’s cold” with his teeth chattering..  Mount the table Becky, shut up and Please your Mistress!  I have my Bitch Bobbi spread wide open shackling his arm and legs with those wonderful built in restraints, what a sweet sight.  Now it’s time to deliver your punishment for failing at your duties. I apply a collar around Bobbi’s neck, gripping it tightly, while applying pressure. Now, be a good Sissy and arch your back Bobbi!

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Catering Cuckold Cum Rag Host!

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Jordan’s House of Humiliation

Put on your Mask of Shame!

Some thought just don’t leave, do they?

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Figging of A Fairy Faggot

Figging Anyone?

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Mistress Mandatory Makeover

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