Cucky Boy

Appearances are for fools

Who do you seriously think your fooling?  Pretending to be an Alpha male; on top of the man of the house when your simply a doormat!  It’s been years now that you neighbors, co-workers, and associates have known.  That so-called little secret that you keep; is more than obvious.  How does it feel to be a bobble-head cuckold? I wonder how you hold your head up knowing how many men have laid pipe in your wife. How submissive could one man possibly be? Question, does it make your little willy hard knowing your spouse is had by multiple men, multiple times a day?

  Why are you so indifferent?

 Solid you are! Why do you have such an enduring nature of your wife’s slutty behaviors?  I think you’re so weak you get off on the work put in by another man. Perhaps your just unable to satisfy.  I would love to have a chat with you and get hear all about your journey into becoming a Cuckold.  The first time your Cuckolded it usually the most memorable.  I won’t be a mean mistress to you, but I cannot say I  won’t engage in a little phone humiliation with you!


A few starter Questions

I will have a questionnaire that I will require you to answer truthfully on.  I want to know

1.  Who’s Idea was it to start a cuckold lifestyle?

2.  Was being a cuckold even disguised ours did you lady force you to submit to the lifestyle?

3.  What toy you enjoy most about being a cuckold?

4. What was your most humiliating experience?