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Cuckold Faces Reality


Isn’t it odd how some things never change regardless of how much one may try?  Ever since your early adolescent stages you knew you were different.  Having to stand in the front of the line due to being so small and fragile even though your last name begins with a W,X,Y or Z.  . . . → Read More: Cuckold Faces Reality

A Thief in the Night

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The other night I thought I heard a noise, oddly something I was almost certain of.  I popped my head out of my study and looked over the banister.  I saw absolutely nothing. Later after looking over some of my Sissy . . . → Read More: A Thief in the Night

Dark Desire Cuckold Boys


Finding yourself trapped in your “Dark” desires? Are you unable to function without needing your Mistress and her Black Bull? Welcome to the world of Cuckold Culture.  Don’t act confused as to why you are in the position that you’re in; you should know. The only thing you need to be concerned with is . . . → Read More: Dark Desire Cuckold Boys

Footstool Passion


It has been quite a week for you Mistress Jordan and my feet are barking!  I am calling all Foot Worshipers who feel they are worthy to sit upon my footstool.  Foot Worship is an art, not something that is rushed.  Time management is essential to be successful, are you the one . . . → Read More: Footstool Passion

Display of “Jackey Water”

Listen up all of you so-called men!  There seems to be many of you that are highly confused when it comes to reality and fantasy.  The fact is.. When you have a “real” cock there is then a possibility that you actually expel cum; if I allow you to.   When you have a stump, . . . → Read More: Display of “Jackey Water”