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Mean Mean Mistress! I Have No Understanding!


Mean Mistress


I Have Noticed Your Behavior From Afar

I have seen you misbehaving for quite sometime!  I notice that you have to always be heard, never staying in your place as a man should!   Success has led you to a sense of entitlement and self-indulgence, . . . → Read More: Mean Mean Mistress! I Have No Understanding!

Panty Slut Humiliation

Humiliation Pansy Slut!

You have such a weakness for my panties, Darling! You just cannot stop can you?  Lurking around my bedroom is what you seem to  do best these days.  I have known ever since you were young that you were addicted to my stash of panties.  The silky ones are your . . . → Read More: Panty Slut Humiliation

Pretty Paper Doll Princess

Dress Me Up

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Too Many Choices

It’s time to get girlie!  Nothing else is more important right now  than your desire to dress up and look beautiful.  Unable to indulge in your favorite pastime due to privacy at home can . . . → Read More: Pretty Paper Doll Princess

Sissy Slave Sally-Ann

Work For Mistress Jordan!!!!!!!

Sissy Slave Sally Ann

I have a wonderful Sissy Slave by the name of Sissy Slave Sally Ann!  My sissy is always on point with her chores and girlie outfits.  Let me tell you why she’s so valuable.  I always awake to a fresh cup of coffee . . . → Read More: Sissy Slave Sally-Ann

Coffee House Humiliation

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Privacy Compliance Agreement

I usually provide a certain amount of privacy for my Humiliation fanatics but I am feeling a little sly at the present moment.  I have decided that from this moment forward …privacy wil only be given . . . → Read More: Coffee House Humiliation