800-356-6169 Mistress Jordan

Put on your Mask of Shame!

Some thought just don’t leave, do they?

Is your repetitive urge for being cunningly tormented by my diabolical-like tongue getting the best of you? I won’t be nice at the least and don’t even think of entertaining the thought that I actually care about your feelings when you’re in my presence.  Prepare yourself to experience agony and shame.  Listen to my ego-shattering, candid, raw and uncensored words that will undervalue your existence. Cowering already?  Pick your head up when I’m talking to you!


Putting my plan in action

I am here to destroy your reputation and confidence, leaving you in a state of pure ignominy! Preparing you as my simpleton bitch brings me nothing but pleasure.  Everyone will see you for the babbling ignoramus that you truly are.  Displaying a scatter-brained, lame-brained, goof such as yourself will humble you far more than you can imagine.  Are you ready to play my dick-head, dullard donkey?


Down the winding road of reality, where does it end? What state will you be left in?


Waste no time wondering if I sympathize with you when you realize the obvious! The mere fact that your being is nothing but a state of affliction pleases me.  Taunting, teasing and putting your weaknesses and deficiencies on Front Street is my main goal. There will be no solace offered to you in any way shape or form. I believe in showing and proving to you that you are nothing but a misfortune. Whatever your kink bring it to me!  I trust that you will leave me frazzled, conquered and most without fail, abashed.