I'm Ready Now!!!

I’m Ready Now!!!

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Dark Desires?   

 I have arrived to share a little message regarding the power of the Big Black Dick! My blog welcomes creativity for those wishing and fantasizing of worshiping  the almighty Black Dick. Gather around my  Black Cock Worshippers, don’t hesitate to engage, participation is a must! This will push you along and help you to stop fighting and struggling with your desires of submitting to the onyx love stick!  When you are consumed with sucking Black Cock you will feel a great deal of humiliation!

Lick Your Lips 

 Remember to keep eye contact with your King! Tell him repedidly how much you appreciate the opportunity of kneeling before him.  It doesn’t get better than this.  Massage his hamstrings and quad muscles and you prepare you lips to softly latch on to the tip of his huge helmet head.  There is no need to rush, take your time .  Make sure you prep you lips so they easily glide up and down that superior shaft!


The Gulp 

There is no sense is sucking a mean Black Dick if you have no intention of swallowing his load. There is absolutely no spillage of cum allowed.  Show him how good a cum eater you are.  Perhaps he will lift you up and allow you to suck the cocks of his inner-circle.  It would make your year to get promoted to a Big Black Dick CumDumpster , wouldn’t it?  Grab your cum bib and get on the prowl, there is plenty of BBC’s lurking around.  Look at your co-workers, friends and best of all random strangers.  Lets see just how badly you want it.  Hopefully you won’t disapoint me and have my Mean Mistress side come out.