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Pour us some wine my Love!

Being the Elite Mistress that I am I have chosen to bring the New Year in with a BANG!  The men I desire have been quite plentiful, I love showing off my leverage and choosing them like I choose candy off a shelf in a store.   I’m sure you remember how you felt when I chose you, don’t you?  A big rise in your dead beat life, remember now?

 My calendar is full of hot and mind-blowing fuck sessions and I am seeking an assistant.  There are several mandatory qualifications required!  If you don’t fit the bill don’t waste my time, I’ll only turn into your worst enemy.  The qualifications are as follows.

1.  Be able to stand in a Butler’s position by my bedside for at least 6 hours straight (no knee-buckling allowed)

2.  Faint -resistant to an overflow of cum

3. Posses vigorous wrist movement

4.  Cum- Catching if requested

5.  Completion of the Cum Wiping Host 101 class.

6. Transforming of “mouth-to-funnel”  skills.

7.  Balancing of cum pools on your eye sockets.

8.  Blind “Cock to Vagina” guiding capabilities.

9.  Eating of Cum

10.  Making of your own cum gloss.

Better yourselves for the New Year and show your versatility!   If you happen to be interested in becoming my favorite Cuckold feel free to apply.  I also require that you tell me all of your secrets.  This will bring us closer , you’ll see.  It’s only fair that I know every single thing about someone who I will have by my bedside.  I hope your ready to clean up quite a big mess.