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Privacy Compliance Agreement

I usually provide a certain amount of privacy for my Humiliation fanatics but I am feeling a little sly at the present moment.  I have decided that from this moment forward …privacy wil only be given when it is earned.  Yes!  This means that if I choose to show the entire world how I love to humiliate you I have every right to do just that.    Hiding from the world may  make you a better slave in the long run. Degradation, that word gives me goose bumps, along with a warm tingly feeling.

Mid Afternoon Treat

My slaves give back, they praise the female race and rightly so.  I think it’s best that you volunteer at my favorite coffee house this weekend @ it’s busiest time of course.  The appropriate outfit will be provided, you may want to practice sashaying in your heels.    Top notch service for our female and male patrons will be expected, be on point.  Regardless of what service you are providing make certain oi’s done in a lady-like manner.

The Time Has Come

Before you arrive at the coffee House go over your checklist

1.  Crisp ironed cotton white v-neck blouse

2.  Black, pleated mini-skirt

3.  Black Thigh-high stockings (scalloped lace)

4.  Mary Jane  stilettos

5. Appropriate hair accessories  ( Have your hair in a bun)

6. Make Up freshly applied

7.  Nails immaculately polished

8.   Apron with frilly lace

9.  Notepad and Pen

10. Sissy Stick!

I expect you to arrive promptly at 10:00 am this Saturday.  That’s all for now.  Most importantly;  make sure the 1st cup of coffee you serve is mine!