Isn’t it odd how some things never change regardless of how much one may try?  Ever since your early adolescent stages you knew you were different.  Having to stand in the front of the line due to being so small and fragile even though your last name begins with a W,X,Y or Z.  Sitting on pillows in order to see  the blackboard an constantly being asked to pick up things off the floor because you’re closest to it.


Dating was always torture, wasn’t it?  Not being able to drive because you were too small to reach the pedals of the car  your parents bought for you.  In order  to watch a  simple movie at the theater you would have to sit propped up on pillows so you could see the screen, how embarrassing!  Also,  getting special privileges when it’s time for the unfortunate to board an airplane, LOL.   In your mind you may not want t accept it but you truly are “special”.


Shopping in the you-know-where section wears on your manhood heavily!  Underwear has also been an issue for you, always having to take it in to fit your miniature frame.  Having such a little cock it leaves you sagging , very similar to a valance draped over a rod at both ends.  How pathetic!  The time has come in life where you should have a purpose,  have a backbone and have a life but you don’t! Women mop the floor with you; making you serve and worship them as they see fit.  Hopelessness is the perfect word to describe you but I will find a use for you if it kills me.


I want you to listen carefully because I have made some drastic changes to your life.  Due to your many deficiencies and inadequacies I will use you for what I see fit.    I will now use your tongue as a spatula to scrape my Bulls Cum from my pussy sweet walls.  I will post your chore list weekly, leaving you with absolutely no free time. Also,   I will use your lips as a vacuum to suck up all cum spillage from our cock-sucking sessions.  On a daily basis  I will teach you what a real cock is, how it works, what it does and how it feels!  Any questions my delicate little  Cuckold?