Cum Eating Phone Sex Jordan

Do you really think I’m not aware that you’re a  closeted cum lover?  By any means necessary you are willing to go the mile for your cum prize, aren’t you?   You enjoy ingesting  it, swooshing it around in your mouth, smashing it on the rooftop of your mouth and letting it ooze through your teeth.  How many bukaye’s have you allowed to pool on your eyelids?   The most intriguing characteristic about you is that you never spit, I just love it! Dedication and loyalty mean quit a bit to me.

I know you have dabbled and tasted your cum, all men do; some just won’t admit it.   How many times have you stared at your cock just imagining tasting your spunk?   It’s time for a reality moment, don’t you think?  Some experience is not necessary, no experience at times is even better.  That way I can mold you into the perfect novice Cum licker bitch.    Open your mind and become one with yourself, it’s way overdue!   This can be a private moment for you or we can share the moment together on Skype.  Whatever you comfy with we can explore.

Preparation is a must ! Get ready to stroke our cock to my commands.  This is not to be rushed so give yourself at least 20 to 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.   I don’t want any cumming in the hands, too much cum is wasted.  I need your cum to be warm at the time of ingestion, it’s so much better.   Gather a towel, saucer, lube and a cock-ring if handy.  I will guide you to one of the most intimate sexual moment of your lifetime.  This will be something to remember so follow directions accordingly.