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Hotel Relaxation


Business Get Away

Traveling Lately?  I know you’re busy but there is always time for a little private play time with Mistress Jordan. There is no need to bring along extra toys, there are several items in your hotel room that will serve you just fine.  Isn’t it a mind fuck that housekeeping provides you with toys and they don’t even know it? ~Laughing inside~.  Allow your creative Mistress to engage your mind and take your mind off of work for a moment.  Creativity is the key to your stress release. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Shame On You

Humiliating you like the sissy bitch you are is going to put a permanent smile on my face!  Positioning you face down , ass up gives me way more leverage than you may realize.  When I’m finished with you , you’ll be fucked, plugged, spanked and stroked to a full orgasm.  Then again, I may put you through a tease and denial session, it’s always my choice!

Look in the following places and gather up all items listed

Bathroom Counter

A. Tumbler or Gobley

B. Dental Floss

C. Toothbrush

D. Toothpaste

Desk Drawer

A. Rubber Bands

B. (4) Pen Caps

C. Writing Pad (rip out al pages and roll it up and fasten with two rubber bands)

Mini- Bar

A. Ice

B.  Candy Bar

The Phone Call

Realize following my directives are highly necessary to a successful call.   My sensual but mind-boggling ideas are far more than you could possible imaging.  Remember, no accidents! If you even dribble a drop of cum you will face the consequences.  Listen to your Mistress and you will have quite the relaxing get away or business trip.  Misbehaving misfits please apply, ingraining good behavior is my specialty after all.