Brest Shot
Ever feel like your look just isn’t on point? All the effort you put into your look and you still feel like something is missing!  Are you tired of trying to mimic what you see in the latest Glamour magazine?  Don’t beat yourselves up, come and see me, Mistress Jordan and get a Mistress Mandatory Makeover!  Bringing out your best assets is my specialty!  Don’t waste another minute fussing over what you should wear, what heels to rock or trying to decipher what stockings show off your legs the best.  I am ready to dress you from head to toe, are you up for it?
What look are you attempting to achieve?
Who has your dream celebrity look?
Identify your assets
Identify your weaknesses
How much money are you willing to spend?
 Brests (cup size and Brazier types)
               Waistline (Corsets and Girdles)
               Crotch (flattening &Camel Toes)
                Legs (Waxing, shaving and stockings)
Exfoliation and moisturizing
 Make up application
    Day and nighttime skin care regimen

 What color, style and length?
Weekly/nightly Hair care Regimen

The following topics listed below will also be discussed during our conversation.


*Body Language*

*Sexual Energy*

*Voice Projection*

 Have no worries if you don’t know what works best for you; that’s what I’m for!  Thoroughness is key to making you a success, I do nothing half way!  I look to transform the young, middle-aged and the distinguished.  Take notes as any good diva would, listening is my best advice to you.  Be prepared, don’t talk over me and we will be just fine  I look forward t chatting.