Not getting much work done, are you?

Taunting Thoughts?

While you sit behind your fancy desk in your elaborate office…Is the corner of your mouth still twitching as you attempt to concentrate on work? Get over yourself and your accomplishments in life; you’re nothing but a simple ass cock-craver.  Isn’t it amazing how much pull and power Cock has over your life? There is simply no use in trying to forget; I know you can’t get your “first-time” cock sucking session out of your mind!  Acceptance is the key to your happiness, stop fighting yourself; for goodness sake, your lips tell it all! Realize you are who you are; after all, no one is forcing theses thoughts. You’re simply addicted!


I am a firm believer in being well prepared. I expect my cock-sucking bitches to look the part! Time to pretty you up a bit; this is where it gets fun. Don’t worry about being labeled as a Gay; unless of course, it excites you. First things first…I have prepared a Gardenia scented bath for you; soak and get sweet and soft for your Mistress.  The outfits that you will be clothed in will bring out the beast of a cocksucker in you. I’m certain my pussy will be dripping once I see your bottom lip curl back! I cannot wait!


Don’t make me into a mean Mistress! The inability to please me has its consequences.  Remember, your sole job is to please me and only me.  There are rewards such as being allowed to ingest your own spunk! Also, there are most certainly unspoken punishments.  I already know if you will fail me but you don’t, do you. I guess you’ll find out. Time is ticking!