Work For Mistress Jordan!!!

Work For Mistress Jordan!!!!!!!

Sissy Slave Sally Ann

I have a wonderful Sissy Slave by the name of Sissy Slave Sally Ann!  My sissy is always on point with her chores and girlie outfits.  Let me tell you why she’s so valuable.  I always awake to a fresh cup of coffee made just the way I like it.  Breakfast is always displayed on a perfectly polished sterling silver tray accompanied by a freshly picked flower from my garden.  Opening my eyes and seeing her standing there in her cute sissy maid outfit always puts a smile  my face!

Chore List

These are some of the responsibilities my Sissy is responsible for.  I hope your Sissy is just as willing and eager to help as my Sissy Sally Ann is.

The following chores are completed on a daily basis; how I love my sweet little sissy!

1.  Breakfast and coffee served.

2. Drawing my bath water and adding my favorite essential oils.

3. Towel service

4. Moisturizing my body.

5. Garment preparation (*Ironing*)

6. Preparation of all accessories (earrings, scarves, bracelets, etc.)

7. Purse packing

8. Shoe selecting

9.Make-Up application

10. Hair brushing

My Arrival

Upon arriving home from a busy day I am greeted at my door without having to knock.  I am in sync with my Sissy Slave Sally Ann! When I cross my threshold I can smell the marvelous aroma of dinner waiting on the table.  Before I know it , my hands are sanitized with a warm rag. My stilettos are removed from my feet so I can feel the freshly vacuumed, plush carpet, beneath my toes.  A word to the wise, get yourself a Sissy Slave Sally Ann .  They are so adorable in their Sissy Maid outfits!