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Strictly Sensual Sissy Sessions

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Mistress Jordan Counsels Sissy

Making That 1st Appointment

I know you have been wrestling with your thoughts and desires, as every Sissy does. If you didn’t have any of these feelings, I honestly would be surprised.   It’s time to seek counsel from a professional, unbiased Mistress who is highly experienced in ever facet of the Sissy-life!  You see, all the questions and doubts that you have forced upon yourself to answer due to your shyness, denial or uncertainties will stifle you in some form or another.  It’s necessary and imperative to your Sissy growth that you take the very first step and make an appointment with me, your Mistress Jordan.

Opening up Freely

Our very first topic of discussion is to find out why you have sought out therapy. Is it or is it not an isolated, issue that led you to seek counseling? Whatever it is it’s perfectly fine with me.  As your therapist, it is my job to understand your surface problems or concerns before we can dig deeper

Be honest about your history and current situation. I will be asking you a certain set of questions about your urges, thoughts, and fears.  Be completely honest!  Remember you have a very sensual woman in your corner.

Are you weak in the knees?

What are your weaknesses? Panty dreams, corsets, feminizing session flashes?  I want to know.  Are your urges affecting your work performance?  For example, your problem might be causing difficulty at work because your constantly thinking about masturbating and stroking?

As your therapist, I will use the information that you express to me to better understand you. While I must make a diagnosis at the end of your first visit, it’s obvious that a full diagnosis will take more sessions on a regularly scheduled basis.

10 comments to Strictly Sensual Sissy Sessions

  • don

    Do You do shopping therapy?

  • Peter

    I agree Ms Jordan!! Im all about the feeling out process with other women. I’m not into labels either. I lover dressing in women’s clothes/bras/panties/women’s boots/lipstick. It’s only way I can get hard and off. I don’t want to get hurt nor hurt them. Ms Cindy & Ms Gia has dug their nails into me and has no intention of letting go and I’m fine with that. They both said this is much needed and long overdue. Honestly it what I wanted all along is to have hot women make/turn me into a cream puff sissy girl and it’s happening with both Ms Cindy & Ms Gia! I love how you and all the other mistresses can turn sissies like me into a cream puff sissy doll!

  • Jordan

    Peter, sorry I have been away. i was pleasantly surprised when I saw your post this morning. Firstly, I must say Mistress Cindy is an Awesome Mistress. Having her is essential to your Sissyhood! I don’t want you to worry about what’s “normal”, I don’t believe in labels. If you meet a woman you must first feel her out, rushing is never a good situation.

  • Jordan

    Mistress Violet Sissies are my favorite! Perhaps I can send my sissies your way when they need a little therapy. I’ve heard your the best therapist ever!

  • Jordan

    Mistress Gia, you could not have said it better! Kisses

  • Mistress Gia

    Ms Jordan, I agree that most of our sissies, when they first start having those thoughts feel like they are alone. I am sure that all those thought can be overwhelming for them. Thankfully they all have US here are LDW and the possibilities are endless. We help them come to grip with reality and that is a gift that keep on giving. I am sure all Sissies can agree with that, don’t you think.

  • You have a wealth of knowledge about the “Sissy Life” as you put it, Ms Jordan. I have heard some of your stories about training sissies, and helping them to overcome their internal objections. As a therapist myself, I highly endorse your sessions. Line up sissies. Help is here!

  • Ms. Jordan, I like the 4’s sessions so fitting for a sissy. I imagine the sessions will Range from wearing female underwear to being fully dressed in very feminine clothes including full makeup, hairdressing and nail polish combined with punishment such as spanking to gain cooperation and submission. In addition, other practices will include forced sissification with strap-on dildo training. I’m sure sissies will be making appts weekly.

  • Peter

    MsCindy sent me here. I’ve always been weak when it comes to women. They always wear the best clothes. It started going on school bus when girl would pick out guy, sit next to him and put makeup/perfume/lipstick on him. One time after school I was that guy:( out of no where she sat next to me and I was next to window. She put foundation on me. Her fingers were so soft. Then she had brush with rouge on and put it on me. I was so embarrassed:( she giggled and said I look so cute and adorable. As I tried to rub it off she came closer and then applied lipstick on me. Her and her friend said I look better in makeup as girl then I do as guy. Her friend sprayed me in perfume. I didn’t dare fight back as I was trapped In seat. When I got home I tried to take off makeup/lipstick. I looked in mirror and couldn’t believe how I looked. I looked like a girl:(

    Another time after school I was looking at bulletin board and what I didn’t know I was underneath mistle toe and my stepmom who was 32 and hot put her arms around me and gave me lipstick kisses. She said I have to do what she said or she would tell everyone about girl who put makeup on me. She then sat on my lap and kissed me again. Her friend came over and said I look helpless, cute and adorable covered in lipstick. They both then kissed me and applied rouge on me. Looking in mirror my face had lipstick marks all over. They said I had to help them around the house instead of playing after school. I did as I didn’t want them to tell everyone. When I was home alone I snuck into her room and put on her lipstick and perfume. I think she knew as she gave me smirk but never told anyone.

    What did me in was living with room mate I was home alone waiting to do laundry and both machines were full. As I walked out I noticed bra in my room mates girlfriend basket. I grabbed it felt it and put it on. It fit a little snug but I looked in bathroom and I couldn’t believe how it felt on me. She had lipstick in there and I applied it on. I then went in my room and got off. I then started going shopping for bras/panties/makeup/lipsticks/perfumes/lotions. Then once I moved out on my own I started buying women’s clothes/dresses/heels/boots. Just seeing women wear them always got me hard and I went home dressed as girl and got off. It’s only way I get hard and off. I really want to meet women to do this to me. I called many mistresses and they got me off as there is no better feeling in having women turn me into a girl by dressing me up and if they get me off I have to stay this way. I’m not planning on purging as I’ve spent to much money on this. I want women to keep doing this to me! Is this normal? If I meet women what should I do as I can’t keep this a secret. Please help! 🙁

  • I love your approach and handling it as therapy I always think that sometimes we focus on the naughty side of being a sissy and less on the how and why and embracing it. I know without a doubt you can help any sissy out there with their daily urges and sissy needs I am sure all the sissy girls will love this fantastic post!

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