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Mistress Jordan Counsels Sissy

Making That 1st Appointment

I know you have been wrestling with your thoughts and desires, as every Sissy does. If you didn’t have any of these feelings, I honestly would be surprised.   It’s time to seek counsel from a professional, unbiased Mistress who is highly experienced in ever facet of the Sissy-life!  You see, all the questions and doubts that you have forced upon yourself to answer due to your shyness, denial or uncertainties will stifle you in some form or another.  It’s necessary and imperative to your Sissy growth that you take the very first step and make an appointment with me, your Mistress Jordan.

Opening up Freely

Our very first topic of discussion is to find out why you have sought out therapy. Is it or is it not an isolated, issue that led you to seek counseling? Whatever it is it’s perfectly fine with me.  As your therapist, it is my job to understand your surface problems or concerns before we can dig deeper

Be honest about your history and current situation. I will be asking you a certain set of questions about your urges, thoughts, and fears.  Be completely honest!  Remember you have a very sensual woman in your corner.

Are you weak in the knees?

What are your weaknesses? Panty dreams, corsets, feminizing session flashes?  I want to know.  Are your urges affecting your work performance?  For example, your problem might be causing difficulty at work because your constantly thinking about masturbating and stroking?

As your therapist, I will use the information that you express to me to better understand you. While I must make a diagnosis at the end of your first visit, it’s obvious that a full diagnosis will take more sessions on a regularly scheduled basis.