Submissive Sex Slave


Oh Mistress, Oh Mistress . …  I love you so much , can I please worship you Mistress Jordan?  I cannot tell you how many times I hear this on a regular basis, Please.   I’m in your circumference for one reason only, it’s to teach and guide you how to exalt a Mistress as desirable as myself.  If you have potential I just may reveal a few of my hot spots; that way I can validate my spending time on you is actually worth my while.


There are many spots that require attention but the small of my back is my love nest!  Being that you will already be on your knees, it’s the perfect spot to address.  I will verbally direct you in each and every move.  The first motion will be the grasping of my long and silky brown hair. Just push it to the side to expose my hot spot which awaits a little nose tickling, kissing and licking. NO rushing is a must! Attention to detail is what I will grade you on.  Will you notice my little dimples? How my left butt check quivers when you lick?  Take your time Subby, don’t miss any spots.


Backdoor pleasures are required of my ass worshipers.  I may have you pinned up against the wall with a mouthful of ass, whatever position I decide is what you will obey to. I’m mostly a sensual Mistress but my mean side is not far away.  Never slob on my ass in any fashion!! Neat, invigorating, flickering-like licks is what I desire.  Are you the little submissive that’s missing from my colony?  I’ll help you answer that question.