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Mistess Jordan Seeking A Foot Bitch

I’m in drastic need for some pampering!  No experience is necessary  as you already know , I love to teach!  The proper way!

Coffee House Humiliation

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Privacy Compliance Agreement

I usually provide a certain amount of privacy for my Humiliation fanatics but I am feeling a little sly at the present moment.  I have decided that from this moment forward …privacy wil only be given . . . → Read More: Coffee House Humiliation

Wife Pusher or Undercover Cross-Dressing Sissy??

Be Who You Are!!!

I’m Watching You

I have been watching you for quite sometime.  It seems that you’re a  Wife Pusher but it won’t last for much longer.  Don’t act confused or bewildered, you know exactly what I mean!   Most men feel a little on edge if . . . → Read More: Wife Pusher or Undercover Cross-Dressing Sissy??