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Be Who You Are!!!

Be Who You Are!!!

I’m Watching You

I have been watching you for quite sometime.  It seems that you’re a  Wife Pusher but it won’t last for much longer.  Don’t act confused or bewildered, you know exactly what I mean!   Most men feel a little on edge if their wives show a little  too much skin but you, you promote it!  How much money have you spent in the last couple of months keeping her up to par?  Lavish silk blouses, hot little mini-skirts, sexy nylons, daisy dukes paired with come-fuck-me-pumps just to name a few.  All of your efforts and she treats you like a cuckold ~Laughing~.

My..My.. It’s All For You

Then again…now that I think of it, you’re a little too eager to shop, shop! Undercover cross-dressing, sissy, cucky bitch!  Yes you!  Look at me and tell me you don’t play in you wife’s panty drawer when she isn’t at home.  Can’t do it, just as I thought.  So tell me, what’s your favorite female attire?  I guess all this time of being dominated, ridiculed and humiliated has paid off! Finally you know your place!  Bow down my little slut fuck and pay attention!

Coffee Meet

Before I call your trophy wife and sip a cappuchino with her letting her know how much of a sissy, stocking lover you are, I think you should do me a little favor.  I’m hosting an event and need a little entertainment.  Having you perform at our fashion show would thrill me!  Again, I think it would be in your best interest to attend.  Can I expect you?