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Listen to my voice read you this sissy blog post.
I’m so excited to be back and talking with all my favorite pretty femme girly girls.  I can’t wait to share all my news with you.  I know that some of these expriences will make you a better sissy. Especially when you are ready for some serious Mistress training time.

It’s girly girl time

I miss our talks.  It’s always fun to get together and talk fashion, hair, makeup and ohhhhhh alll the dirty little secrets.  I know you have some new sexy secrets and I can’t wait to hear everything!  This is perfect for our sensual femme time together.

sissy Mistress Jordan 1-800-601-7259Nasty and naughty slut

I am especially curious about your wicked and wild expericnes.  Believe me, I know tht you’ve been wild — I would expect no less.

Sissy cuckold

You see those sexy glitter shoes?  Cute, huh?  Those aren’t my shoes.  Those belong to the new man in my life — little did he know that he’d end up my little cuckold.

Instructions from your Mistress

** What have you been wearing?
** Who have you been sucking?
** Who have you been fucking?
Tell me the truth — you know I’ll make you tell me everything.  And, as every freaky deaky pervey pretty knows, you WANT to confess all of your sexy stories.  We both know that.  Oh and guess what?  I have some very sexy stories of my own to tell you.  So, girl time!